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Integrated with major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon/Ebay/Wish/Shopify etc.

Integrated with Australia Major shipping companies such as AU Post, Fastway, Courierplease, TOLL, TNT etc.

Integrate mainstream cross-border e-commerce platform, self-built platform, supporting offline order import and creation System intelligent realization of automatic warehouse, automatic review, marked delivery and monitoring, delivery timeout reminder. A variety of order status to meet all the needs of customers daily processing orders, seamlessly connect ERP\CMS system, one-button smart delivery.

Personalized configuration of the first mile management process including new stock coming in, FBA transfer, FBA order, FBA return. System also provide shipping monitoring service allow customer easily communicate with warehouse to arrange their new stock.

Receiving, quality inspection, and the process of getting on the shelves; supporting the receipt of the quality inspection Support the direct delivery after receiving the goods; record the entire receipt, quality inspection, shelves details The warehouse can directly return the goods through the order number and logistics order number. Support the transfer warehouse cross dock operation.

The system provides multiple warehouse support. No matter where your warehouse or distribution centre is located, you can manage it uniformly through the EIZ.

The system provides comprehensive multi-angle inventory management functions,  complete transaction history traces for warehouse internal receipt, shelf, picking, sorting, package delivery, in-house transfer, inventory counting and inventory transfer. Traceable, dynamically mastering warehouse inventory issues.

Support diversified FBA transfer operations, FBA return operations, FBA order operations and other differentiated services to enhance industry competitiveness.

Diversified shipping types, efficient sorting and shipping Abnormal shipment, handover record, exception handling follow-up Support defective products, support product borrowing and return, support batch delivery.

Provide value-added services such as packing and boarding. After the operator scans the shipping label, can print the shipping packing list immediately. When shipping, the scanning box packaging label can display the details of the goods in the box. Calibration and label sticking can be done by one person.

The inventory check and sampling mode does not require full inventory, and can be counted and sampled at any time, greatly improving efficiency and accuracy. Using PDA inventory, there is no need to manually enter inventory data, fast and accurate.

The picking list prompts the location information, no need to find the goods; there is convenient location label management, no need to judge the picking; the system arranges the efficient picking path to improve the picking efficiency.

Receipt Acceptance Rate / Inventory Accuracy / Location Utilization / Job KPI / Standard Entry / Exit Report / Warehouse Age Management.

Support multiple warehouses and multiple cargo owners, the mature charging model is accurately calculated, and the bills are clear and detailed. Support multi-format bills such as receivables, payables, customer bills, and service provider bills.

Setup fee $15000

Service fee $4000 per month

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